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lets see dont like ppl talking crap about other ppl i think better then i speak at times and i love to draw, wish i could make flash or games i have lots of ideas but no talent except normal drawings lol. oh cant draw same thing twice most of the time

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I know what you mean. It would be convenient to be able to do that. But it helps you with learning how to be patient, and to be able to be filled with joy to know that others care. I'm actually just making this all up at the top of my head! Hehe. But one thing you will be happy to know is that when the inbox has numbers displayed near it, that means you've recieved a private message. Whether or not its a response is something you won't know until you see it. So ya, if you want PM me. Then if I respond you will be able to see things for your self. And now my fingers hurt from all this typing.

hehe not that new :P just meant it be kind of nice to have for when you are on either msn or yahoo messenger most of the time if it pops up saying you have a msg on newgrounds ^^ kinda like how youtube does it but with newgrounds style to it. love seeing the 1 by inbox or more lol, but the system is somewhat flawed, when I go to check replys to reviews i did awhile back I get an error msg, and when i have it on stay signed in it stays blank until i go away from newgrounds homepage :/

nice vash

i take no credit for the vash that is one i found ages ago

Is it me?


lol no your a newer friend and im happier to meet you custhe on I meant in this one kinda dont talk to me much lol I am odd one aint I XD